Founded in 1999, MBD is a leading and accredited Southern African Debt Collection Agency (registered with the Council of Debt Collectors) and the Association of Debt Recovery Agents with over 18 years of experience in its core business of debt collection.


Who we are essentially
At MBD, each member of our dynamic and growing team shares a common passion and commitment for what we do and the role we play in touching the lives of South Africans, through personable care and attention, an unwavering culture of customer service and an unbridled obsession for nurturing relationships.

What we do
At MBD, one of our core functions is to collect debt, but our service to you goes further than just that.

Very often in life individuals see the need to rely on credit in order to furnish a requirement or to fill a hole with something that is needed, or wanted. When the individual is approved for credit, he or she may be fully capable and prepared to meet the terms of the credit agreement.

However, we know that life and circumstances often change our carefully set-out plans, and our good intentions are sometimes railroaded along the way.

That is where MBD really comes in – we want to help you find ways to settle your arrear accounts and get into the “green” with your credit profile, so that you can continue your life free of the burden of any debt that we manage. Also, in the future, when the need for credit once again arises, you will be in a good position to apply for the credit knowing that the excess baggage of debt has been cleared.

We are with you every step of the way
Tackling debt doesn’t have to be as hard as you think it may be. When it comes to settling debt, we are here to help you with a suitable and affordable repayment arrangement.

We also have a variety of payment options available to help make payments easier for you. You can refer to our Payment Options page to see which payment channels are available. Should you be unsure if a particular payment option is available for your account, feel free to contact us to enquire about which options are available for your account payments.

We speak your language
Due to the diversity in our call centre operations, we are able to communicate to debtors in any of the 11 official languages in South Africa. On average our collection agents are able to speak between 3 to 5 different languages.

We also understand that debt is a very personal matter and that is why we are here to work with you to find a convenient and affordable way to meet and overcome your personal financial challenges.