What is your view on money?

Jun 12, 2017   |   BY The Editor

Let’s take a few moments for some introspection. How do you view money? Do you see money as a tool; as a way to pay the bills and splurge on some indulgent luxuries? Do you see money as a necessary evil? Do you see money as something that needs to be gained no matter what the consequences?

Consider these questions, too: Do you get to the day past payday and find that you struggle to get through to the next payday? Or do you find that you are surviving, but just barely? If you find yourself in either of these situations, then we would like to suggest that you read our previous articles with regards to budgeting. Juggling monthly payments, living expenses and debts can be difficult, but if you have the willpower and determination, you can work your way out of debt.

It is universally understood that time is a huge factor in our lives, and the lack of it can impact our view on money greatly. If there are children in the picture, they can see their parents working hard but still living from one payday to the next. Children absorb everything they see and hear and thus, soon they will emulate this behaviour and their parents’ reaction to money (or the lack thereof). It is incredibly important to spend time with children and teach them that ‘money isn’t everything’, ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’, and ‘money does not make the world go round’. Take time to play games with your children so that later on in life their memories are less about their parents stressing over money, and more around laughter and time well spent.

Many of the older generations knew how to manage money. They lived on a little, made do with what they had, mended clothing instead of buying new clothing, ate at home more than eating out, and saved every cent that they could.

In our modern society, we work (sometimes holding down two or three jobs), have little time for family and friends, eat on the go and rather buy new socks than darn them.

Think back to your childhood. Remember family time? Yes, past generations seemed to love spending time with their family.

Money worries can take their toll on your health. If you experience anxiety due to money worries, then you may need to step back for a moment and take stock of everything else that truly matters in your life. If you were to lose all your material possessions, today, but you still had your family, then you are rich in what truly matters.